Toy Review – Aqua Doodle Basic Mat

This Aqua Doodle Basic Mat is perfect for painting without the mess.

The Aqua Doodle is a thin mat on which a child can doodle with a refillable water filled pen. The child’s image will slowly disappear so that the child can doodle over and over again.

Review by Lisa Braverman; Unionville CT

Review: My son received this toy as a Christmas gift and loves it. Mommy love it too because since there is just a water filled pen there is no worries about a big mess.

Another reason why I like this product so much for my son is because it actually got him writing. His fine motor skill have been a little slow in developing and part of the reason is because he would refuse to sit down and color, write or scribble at all. I found that this toy really interests him and he will sit and “doodle” for quite some time.

Criticism & Thoughts: The only criticism I have for this toy is that it comes with only one water pen. This mat is large enough for two children to use at one time, but with only one pen that is impossible. You can buy another pen separately and if you have two children that you think might be interested in playing with this toy at the same time it would be a good idea to pick up the second pen.

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Aqua Doodle Basic Mat


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