Tips For Organizing My Closet

I do my best to keep the bedroom clean at all times, which usually results in stuff getting tossed in my closet. Here are some tips for organizing my closet that might help you as well.

If you’re like everyone else, then you just never seem to have enough room in your closet. It also seems that the longer you stay in any one house you tend to collect more and more stuff and you’re closet appears to get smaller, not bigger. One of the best ways to create more space is to get your closet cleaned out and organized so you can figure out what you want to keep, what you want to maybe sell, and what you’ll give away or throw out.

Don’t try to do every closet at once. Start with one and work your way over to the next. After you clear out your first closet, put things back in it for the time being. Then go on to the next closet, taking inventory of what is in it. You’ll then need to decide on a plan to get things organized and decide if you need to switch things around and move items from one closet to another. Closets often end up a storage area for all kinds of things that we don’t know what to do with and leave for ‘later’, then we never take the time to decide what to do with them. Now’s that time.

There are plenty of ideas and options available for your closet storage. Do you want shelves that are permanently in place or ones that you can move around? Or maybe you are looking at getting a type of system where there are baskets, bins and rods to keep everything organized and in a specific place. Stackable storage baskets made of plastic always come in handy for a ton of items. When you know where everything is you may even want to make a master list of what each closet contains to keep track.

If you’ve got a mudroom then this room can be challenging since it is the room that will be a busy area with lots of dirt and stuff passing through. Often things are just dropped in the mudroom as people are passing through. Because it’s an open room it is more difficult to hid the mess and clutter as it builds up. First thing to do is make a decision on what you want to keep in the mudroom. Items like tools, boots, winter coats, sports equipment and outdoor toys often find a home in the mudroom so a boot pad and a good array of hooks on the wall will help to keep these pieces out of the walk way.

A storage rack is helpful for tools. You can get shovels up and out of the way by hanging them on the wall. A basket with handles is helpful for storing small garden tools, you can then easily take them wherever you need to.

If you have space, think about creating a ‘locker’ for each family member where they can store things they want easy access to and let them know whatever doesn’t fit in the locker has to find a home elsewhere.

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