Things To Pack In School Lunches

Are you packing your child’s lunch? Do you ever wonder what things to pack in school lunches? Maybe your child is just getting tired of the same PB&J sandwich. Here are some fun new ideas.

Out of healthy packed lunch ideas? Packing a nutritious packed lunch your kids will actually eat five days of the week is no easy feat. It’s no wonder many of us get stuck in a rut and end up packing the same lunch time and time again.

When packing your kids lunch, the main thing to keep in mind is that the lunch is nutritious and balanced. Try to include a mixture of whole grains, protein, calcium, fruit and veggies in each packed lunch and don’t worry it’s really not too difficult.

To help get you started, here’s a 5-day sample lunch menu which is balanced to include a little of everything mentioned above.

Day One:
Whole-wheat bread sandwich filled with ham and cheese and cut into triangles
Fruit yogurt
Cut melon cubes and cucumber rounds
Small packet of raisins
Milk or fruit juice

Day Two:
Pita filled with turkey and cream cheese
Carrot sticks
Pineapple chunks
Mini muffin
Milk or fruit juice

Day Three:
Homemade Pizza Quesadilla
Apple sauce
Cherry tomatoes and cubes of ham
Yogurt covered raisins
Milk or fruit juice

Day Four:
Bagel spread with peanut butter and full fruit jam
Fresh peach
Carrot sticks and cubes of cheese
Yogurt drink
Milk or fruit juice

Day Five:
Roll filled with tuna and sweet corn
Cucumber slices and cubes of cheese
Bunch of seedless grapes
Mini Fruit Muffin
Milk or fruit

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