Stick Vase

Create a beautiful and unique vase from your own backyard or hiking trip.

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You’ll Need

* Sticks (about 1/4 inch in diameter)
* Clippers
* An empty plastic peanut butter jar (or other empty jar)
* Thick rubber bands
* Raffia or ribbon
* Glue
* Pinecones (optional)


Break or snip your sticks to about an inch longer than the jar. Put two rubber bands around the jar, one inch from the top and bottom. Now begin tucking the sticks under both rubber bands, placing them as close as possible to each other. Once you’ve surrounded the jar with sticks, slide the rubber bands together at the jar’s middle, then cover them with a decorative bow. Glue on a few pinecones, then fill the vase with flowers. For campers uninterested in flower arrangements, this vessel also makes a fine pencil holder!

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