Star Banner

These simple star banners make a great decoration for Fourth of July or even Christmas.

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You’ll Need

* Construction Paper
* Star templates or Cookie Cutters
* Ribbon
* Scissors
* Hole punch
* Glue


Start by tracing the stars on cardboard. You want to have two different sizes of stars that you can glue on top of each other.

For example for a Fourth Of July banner, make some large red stars with small white stars and large blue stars with small red ones etc.

For A Christmas banner use large green stars with small red stars and large red stars with small green stars.

Glue one smaller star in the center of each larger star.

Punch two holes on opposite points of the big stars, then thread the ribbon through them to connect all stars into one long banner.

You can hang this banner over the fireplace, on the porch, over the kitchen window etc.

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