Spider Crafts For Kids

This cute spider craft is easy to do and you only need a hand full of supplies. This Spider craft for kids makes a fun Halloween decoration at home or in the classroom.

Homemade Halloween Costumes For Kids
Find out how easy it is to make your child’s Halloween Costume this year.

You’ll Need

* Orange Construction Paper
* Black craft paint
* White craft paint
* Paintbrush
* Black Yarn
* Newspaper


Lay out the newspaper to protect your work area. Put down a piece of orange construction paper. Paint the inside of your child’s hands with plenty of black paint. Make sure to cover all fingers. Ask your child to make handprints with his or her fingers spread out, slightly overlapping the palms. The Palms will form the spiders body, while the fingers create the spiders legs. Glue a piece of yarn so it comes out of the spider body and out of the picture like the spiders string. If you’d like you can even draw part of her web in a corner of the picture. Use the white paint to draw the spiders eyes on after the black paint has dried.

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