Share Some Old and New Family Christmas Traditions With Your Kids

By Susanne Myers

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Remember how exciting the weeks before Christmas were as a kid? Take a moment and think back on what made that time so special and exciting. Think about some of the traditions your family had between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

For me, it wasn’t the holiday season without the scent of pine needles in the house, lighting a new red candle on each of the four Sundays before Christmas, baking cookies and making Christmas ornaments with my mom. And then of course there was the Advent Calendar. My mom would wrap 24 small presents (candy, small toys, a new pencil, etc.) and mark them 1 through 24. I got to open a new gift every morning in December until Christmas Day.

Being a mom takes me back to those days. There is the excitement and anticipation, enjoying the extra family time, searching with my cousins for hidden Christmas presents in the house. It was the most magical time of the year for a kid.

I have been sharing some of those traditions with my daughter and along the way, we have created some new traditions as well. Traditions are such an important part of every child’s life. They convey a sense of security because they create some predictability in our otherwise hectic and sometimes chaotic life.

So make some extra time this holiday season and revive some of your old holiday traditions or create some new ones with your family. Think of traditions as your child’s future memories. Your family Christmas traditions are what he’ll most likely remember long into adulthood.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

* Bake and decorate some cookies together.
* Listen to some Christmas music.
* Enjoy your favorite holiday movie together.
* Sing some Christmas songs together.
* Make some Christmas cards, and use them to write to family and friends.
* Create a Family Newsletter that catches everyone in the extended family up on what has been going on in your family all year.

* Decorate the Christmas tree together. Make it a fun event with music and some special snacks.

* Make a new Christmas ornament for each family member each day.
* Have a holiday picture taken, or take your own.
* Read some Christmas stories to your kids.
* Go for a drive through some neighborhoods and enjoy the lights
Pick one or even a few of these and start your own new family Christmas tradition this year. Don’t forget to revive some old time favorites from your own childhood as well. While you’re at it, share some of your favorite holiday memories with your kids.

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