Rainbow Pot Of Gold Craft For St. Patrick’s Day

This rainbow pot of gold is a fun St. Patrick’s Day activity. You probably have all the supplies in the house already. It makes for a fun and colorful St. Patrick’s day decoration.

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You’ll Need

* paper plate
* cardboard roll from toilet paper
* black marker
* crayons or paint
* scissors
* glue
* pennies
* shamrock sticker


Cut the paper plate in half. Cut out a half circle in the middle so the outer rim of the paper plate looks like the shape of a rainbow.

Use crayons or paint to color the paper plate piece in the colors of the rainbow.

Cut a 2 inch piece off the cardboard tube. Paint it black. This is your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. After the paint dries, put the shamrock sticker on the outside. Glue one end of the rainbow in the pot. Glue or stick some pennies inside the pot.

Your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is finished.

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