Rain Stick

A Rain Stick is easy to make and makes a fun musical instrument that sounds like rain falling.

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You’ll Need

* Cardboard tube (from a roll of paper towels)
* aluminum foil
* piece of cardboard
* rice
* markers, craft paper, glue, stickers etc.


1. Cut a length of aluminum foil 3 times as long as your cardboard tube.

2. Cut two cardboard discs the same diameter as your tube to use as end caps.

3. Roll the foil up along its long side, then twist and squeeze it into a long firm straight section.

4. Form the foil into a coil or spring shape (by wrapping it around a broom handle).

5. Push the foil into the cardboard tube so that it goes from one end to the other.

6. Glue on one of the end caps.

7. Put a small cup of rice into the tube. Glue on the other end cap.

8. Decorate the outside of the tube w/ markers, craft paper, stickers etc.

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