Preschool Arts and Crafts Fish

Fish are always a fun topic for preschoolers. Here are some great preschool arts and crafts fish you can make with your little one.

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You’ll Need

* Construction paper
* Scissors
* Paper Plate
* Crayons
* Water Colors
* Toothpick


Fish Bowl Craft

Cut a paper plate into a shallow U-shape (by cutting a moon shaped piece out of one side), to make it look like a fish bowl. Give the kids some crayons and let them draw fish and plants in the bowl. Use some blue water colors to color the entire plate blue (representing the water). The color won’t stick to the crayons making for a nice effect.

Optional – crumble up little pieces of brown tissue paper and make them into small balls. Glue them to the bottom of the fish bowl as gravel.

Colorful Fish

Cut basic fish shapes out of construction paper. Have the kids cover the fish in all sorts of different colors with crayons. Take a black crayon and cover the entire fish shape. Let the kids use a toothpick (under supervision of course) to carefully scratch designs like scales into the fish. This will remove the top black layer, revealing all the colors underneath.

Alternative – Have the kids color the fish, or cut out little pieces of glossy magazine paper and have them glue the pieces on the fish to make a colorful, shiny fish.

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