Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The Perfect Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day only a week away, it can be hard to come up with something unique to make Mom feel special on her day. You might consider some of our ideas!

Twists on classic gifts:

Instead of giving Mom a bouquet of flowers, buy her seeds or bulbs (of a favorite or seasonal flower) and a pretty pot to plant them in. You two can plant the seeds or bulbs together and she will get to enjoy her flowers for much longer than she could enjoy a cut bouquet.

Instead of giving her spa treatments in the form of lotion, bath salts or perfumes, buy her a gift certificate to use with a service that you’ll do with her. For instance, buy a pedicure for two – and go with her. She will certainly enjoy the gift, but she’s bound to enjoy your company more.

Instead of taking Mom to a restaurant for dinner, cook for her. You’re bound to know her favorite dish – but if not, cook YOUR favorite dish from her recipe collection that you remember from your childhood. She will cherish the extra time and effort you put in to cook for her, and she will be delighted by the memories that will arise from sharing a childhood meal together again.

What if Mom lives far away?

Instead of giving her a framed school or other professional picture of your kids, give her a frame with a hand-written note inside that promises to mail her updated pictures of your family every month (or however often you can do it). And do it! Mail her candid and fun pictures of every day things that you and your children do. She’ll enjoy looking at the pictures and will undoubtedly be anxious each month to see what wonderful new picture will arrive.

Instead of sending gourmet chocolates or other candies through the mail, send her a box of classic candies from her childhood. Vintage candies are back in, and you can find them many places. I sent my Mom a box of Chuckles jellies, BlackJack gum, candy cigarettes, etc one time. It was a total surprise and she LOVED it!

Instead of buying her plain jewelry, look for something with the birthstones of you and your children. Get a charm bracelet or pendent with your birthstone and your children’s birthstones in it. She will love the combination of generations!

Above all, remember that any gift should be a gift from the heart. You don’t have to spend a fortune in money to make her day – just spend a fortune in thought.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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