Kitchen Organizing Tips

Your kitchen is one of those places in the house where a little organization truly goes a long way. Try a few of these kitchen organizing tips and see for yourself.

Organizing your home throughout is no small challenge, and the kitchen and dining rooms are no exception. As some rooms in your home only need a full cleaning once a week or so, these rooms need daily cleaning and constant attention. Fear not, if you get yourself organized and take some time to plan, keeping the clutter down in these areas is possible.

The first thing to do is go through everything and take an inventory of what you have, including pots, pans and utensils. Storing things based on how you use them will help you save time both in storing and finding them when you need them. Baking items should be kept near the oven, and preparation equipment should be keep near your work area.

You can purchase work areas that are portable, and these are a nice thing to have if you need the space. Often you can have storage space built in and you can store it in a closet, pantry or corner when you’re not using it.

Another great saver of space is a pot rack that you can have hanging from the ceiling. A pot rack is easy to put up but it is important to make sure that you have used the right kind of anchor bolts to support the weight of the pots and pans you will be hanging on it. Any local hardware store should be able to help get you set up properly with this.

If you don’t have a lot of space, the pantry and freezer can also be an issue. Take an inventory of everything you have and then write up a master list and this way you can make sure you don’t have too much of any one item. One woman got very creative and used a bookcase in her hall to store extra canned goods, dry goods and kitchen tools that she didn’t have room for in her kitchen. It was a great way to keep everything in a place and her guests didn’t suspect a thing.

The dining room seems to be just a great big clutter magnet; one likely reason for this is that it doesn’t actually get used for eating on very often. Mail ends up there, homework and school projects are done and left there, and sometimes meals are even eaten there. One key way to stop the clutter in this area is to get your whole family involved and let them know they are not to store or drop things on the dining room table. Throw out junk mail as soon as you get it; remember to touch it only once! Create a new place to keep your bills and other mail. A thin storage basket on the wall is a great place to temporarily store your mail.

If you have a sideboard, it can also be a clutter magnet, so decorate it with some nice knickknacks that don’t allow room for clutter to gather. Large serving dishes can be arranged nicely with flowers in a vase, or other favorite items.

Disorder creates a stressful environment and you don’t need this adding strain for your family at mealtime. Keep the dining room warm, cozy and clutter free and enjoy the time you have to sit down and eat as a family.

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