Ideas For Decorating The Yard For Christmas

What would Christmas be without decorations? This year, expand your “deck the halls” to the yard with these ideas for decorating the yard for Christmas.

During the Christmas holidays, you drive around passing miles of homes whose decorations are so enchanting you feel inspired to decorate your own yard.
Once home, you plan to decorate your yard for Christmas, too. Here are some ideas to consider.

Run lights all along the eaves and sides of your home, as well as around each outer window pane. Place a big wicker basket of Christmas balls on your front porch. Add garland around or over your mailbox, as well. Take red, green or silver garland and wrap it around your front railing. If you have fir trees in front of your home, add lights to all of them. Decorate them with ornaments and garland, too. Better still, if you have a large tree on your front lawn, trim it with lights of all colors. If you have a spacious front lawn, put up a life size Santa or Snowman that lights up. Or, you can place an animated Santa, one that has a sensor so that when you pass it, you’ll hear “Merry Christmas” greetings.

Place poinsettias on each step next to the railing on both sides. Find a large Santa boot and fill it with gifts. Place it on the front lawn. If you have a large Merry Christmas sign that lights us – place it in your front yard, too.

If it has been a snow-less winter, spray the outside window panes of your home. Start at the bottom and spray up slightly to the right or left with a can of snow spray. If you cannot afford the traditional Santa and reindeer with sleigh on the roof, purchase or make your own sleigh, and fill it to the brim with empty wrapped presents. The sleigh would look lovely on the front lawn. Don’t forget – Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the Nativity Scene. Choose a special place for the Nativity Scene as well.

Decorating your yard for Christmas can involve every member of your family. Make it a special time. Draw a plan, together, to decide where each Christmas item will be placed on your front yard. Don’t be surprised when you see cars slowing down to admire your decorations, too.

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