Ideas For A Fourth Of July Party

Throw a party this independence day! Here are some great ideas for a Fourth of July Party that everyone in the family will love.

3 Great 4th of July Party Ideas

The Fourth of July is an exciting holiday for many especially children, who can get underfoot in their eagerness to run around and celebrate. Try distracting them at a party with some simple Fourth of July crafts. Using glue, toothpicks, red, white and blue glitter and black construction paper kids can create their own fireworks art. Simply dab the glue on the paper, use a toothpick to create lines like a firework exploding in the sky and sprinkle with glitter. When it’s dry they can hang it up on the walls or take it home to put on their fridges.

It can be hard to come up with menu ideas themed after a specific holiday. Make that traditional barbeque meal unique with some red, white and blue potato salad. There are actually blue potatoes that are which you can find in stores. So your salad would contain, small white potatoes, red potatoes and blue potatoes. Make up a patriotic fruit salad with watermelon, apples and blue berries. Strawberry shortcake is a popular dessert for the Fourth of July. You can add some blue food coloring to the cake batter to make it a red, white and blue party.

Create a Fourth of July version of Jeopardy for your party. It can be geared towards adults or kids. For the kids you can give out prizes per question. They can be a piece of candy or red, white and blue star stickers and at the end the winner can get a miniature American flag. Questions shouldn’t be too difficult and geared toward the age group. For the very young they can be as simple as “What colors are on the flag?” and for adults you can ask things like “Who was the president indicted in Watergate?” With some of these ideas in play at your next party it should go on without a hitch.

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