How To Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

Starting Kindergarten is a big deal for your child. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare your child for Kindergarten.

For many of us this day just seems to rush up on us. We’ve known for years that our babies will be going to kindergarten but when the time comes many of us are unprepared. It’s definitely an emotional time for both parents and kids but it’s important to help our little ones through this time by staying positive and upbeat.

Here are some tips for helping prepare your child for kindergarten:

Talk about the new change - Children tend to deal well with change as long as we explain to them what is happening. Before starting have little talks with your child about what going to “big kid” school will be like, what the routine will be and so on. Try to have these talks in short spurts as your child may not be able to process too much information at once and may get more confused. Lots of little talks here and there should do the trick.

Show them their new school - Many schools will have introduction days your child can attend ahead of time to meet their new teacher and see the school. You can also take them for a drive or walk to their new school a couple of times before starting. Show them where they will go and where mommy will pick them up after school.

Read a book – Visit your library for a selection of books on starting school, many also have videos and DVDs. Sit with your child and read the book or watch the video and explain how they will be doing something similar when school starts.

Go Shopping - Go school shopping with them and let them be involved in the process of choosing their school supplies, lunch box and even clothes or uniform where appropriate. Let your child feel that he or she is older and can now choose some of their own things.

Draw a Picture – Once you visit the new school have your child draw a picture of themselves at their new school. You may even be able to tell what your child is feeling by what he draws. Talk about the picture and how your child is feeling and then hang the picture up in a prominent place to remind everyone that school will be starting soon.

Above all remain light-hearted and upbeat even if you are feeling a little bit weepy yourself. Talk in a positive way of how much fun school will be and enjoy this milestone with your little one.

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