How To Build The Self Esteem Of Your Child

Helping your child build self esteem is a big part of your parental responsibility. Learn more about how to build the self esteem of your child.

Children go through difficult periods where their self esteem is challenged by their peers. The pressures of fitting in with cliques, wearing certain clothes, and keeping up appearances are overwhelming.

If your child shows signs of low self-esteem, take immediate action to counterbalance their feelings of obscurity. Here are some ways to help raise your kid’s self-esteem.

Be proud of them.
Let your child know that you are proud of them. Tell them how impressed you are that they maintain honor roll grades. Brag about their special accomplishments to friends and family while they’re within listening distance.

Praise them.
It’s easy to point out failures or mistakes. Kids take these criticisms to heart. Call attention to their successes. Express your approval when your child does something nice.

Focus on their strengths.
As a parent, you know what your child’s strengths are better than anyone else. Center your conversation with them around all the things they are doing well. Make a point to clearly notice their strong points.

Show them special attention.
Children who have self-esteem issues typically act like they don’t want attention to be focused on them, even though that’s exactly what they need and secretly want. Spend some quality one-on-one time with your kids. Give them your total attention and let them know how special they are to you, not only as your child, but as a person.

Respect their opinions.
You may not agree with everything your kids say and do. Keep in mind that they are growing every day, evolving and maturing into adults. Even though you disagree with something they say or want to do, respect their opinions. Make it clear that while you are the adult, you value their thoughts and stance.

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