Halloween Trick Or Treat Fun

What’s a child’s favorite part of Halloween? Going trick-or-treating, of course. What could be more fun than dressing up, and then walking from door to door collecting plenty of candy along the way? Best of all, this fun tradition takes place at night. Make this the most fun trick-or-treating experience for your child with these simple tips.

Location, Location, Location
Pick a good neighborhood with plenty of people who are prepared for and welcome trick-or-treaters. If you are new in the area, talk to other parents in your neighborhood about where to go trick-or-treating. Usually
neighborhoods or subdivisions that decorate a lot are a good choice as well.
You may be tempted to send older children out on their own to
Trick-or-Treat, but unless you know everyone on the street they are walking
on, and have them go in a group, it’s just not a safe option. Instead, send
at least one adult along with them. Having an adult will make sure the
trick-or-treating stays a fun experience for your children.

Trick-or-Treat in a Group
Kids have even more fun trick-or-treating if they get to run around in a
group. Get a few families in the neighborhood together, or ask the cousins
over to go trick-or-treating with you and your kids. Just make sure you
bring several adults, especially if the kids are young, to keep up with

Don’t Overdo It
Start early, right at or even before dusk and don’t overdo the
trick-or-treating. How long you end up trick-or-treating will of course
depend on the age of your children. Just keep an eye on how they are doing
and take them home when they start getting tired. The whole evening will be
more memorable if you end it on a good note.

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