Halloween Hand Print Craft

These witch hand print crafts for kids make a spooky addition to your Halloween decoration. Use them next to the candy bowl or stick the hand prints in a closed door as a Halloween decoration.

Homemade Halloween Costumes For Kids
Find out how easy it is to make your child’s Halloween Costume this year.

You’ll Need

* Green Construction Paper
* Scraps of Construction Paper and Felt in different colors
* Scissors
* Glue
* Markers


Trace your child’s hands on the green construction paper and have him or her cut them out. Then cut nail shapes out of brown, tan or black construction paper and glue them on the tips of the fingers on the green construction paper hands.

Draw some black lines on the witches hands to look like veins. Let your child decorate the rest of the hands by adding decorations and even stickers to the nails, drawing warts etc.

Use the hands as a decoration for the Halloween table, stick them on the fridge or stick them in a closed door to make it look like a witch is trying to sneak in.
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