Fourth of July Streamer

Make some fun Fourth of July streamers from cardboard tubes and ribbon. They are a great addition to any Fourth of July party.

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You’ll Need

* Cardboard Tube (from a roll of paper towels)
* Glue
* Ribbon in Red, White and Blue
* Scissors
* Hole punch
* Stickers (optional)


Wrap the different colors of ribbon around the cardboard tube creating a stripe pattern. Glue it in place as you go.

Using the hole punch, cut nine holes into one end of the cardboard tub.

Cut three pieces each of the red, white and blue ribbon, about 45 inches long.

Tie a large not in one end of each piece of ribbon. Tread the other end of the ribbon through one of the holes in the cardboard tube and pull it all the way through, so the knot is on the inside of the tube.

You can decorate your streamer with some star or flag stickers.

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