Christmas Decoration Ideas For Kids

Do you need to keep the kids entertained for a few hours and your house could take a little more holiday cheer? Here are some Christmas decoration ideas for kids that will have them turn your house into a Christmas haven.

Just grab a few crafting or decorating supplies and let the kids loose. You’ll be surprised how well what fun Christmas decoration ideas they come up with on there own. Here are some ideas to get everyone started.

Decorative Bows
Pretty Bows add a special touch to just about any decoration. Choose your color scheme for this year, then buy matching ribbon and make lots of bows with the kids and add them around your house. You can even find color-coordinated pre-made bows in the Christmas section of your craft store to match your other decorations.

Indoor Lights
Use clear, white lights to decorate inside the house this year. If you have indoor trees or greenery, get the kids add a small string of clear lights to them. Lights look pretty just about anywhere. Placing a string of white lights in an oversized vase or bowl turns it into a lit up piece of art. String some lights on your mantelpiece for a more traditional feel.

Front Door Wreath
Instead of buying a wreath to hang on your front door this year, let your kids make one. Buy a plain, undecorated wreath. Make or purchase some miniature Christmas tree decorations. Supervise with the hot glue gun while the kids create a special wreath for your family’s front door.

Nature Centerpiece
Take the kids out on a nature walk. Gather pine cones, acorns and colorful leaves. Create a beautiful nature centerpiece for your holiday dining table. Make holiday swags with sprigs of green pine needles, complete with a red bow in the center. Or have the kids arrange the finds from your walk in a bowl or basket.

Holiday Scented Candle
Stock up on holiday scented candles. Keep several candles lit in each room while entertaining. Some popular holiday scents are gingerbread cookies, French vanilla, cinnamon sticks, and eggnog. Check your local department stores or specialty candle stores for more fun holiday scents. Please be careful about lit candles with the kids around.

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