Bookcover Craft

Schoolbooks don’t have to be covered in plain old paper. Stamping the paper with potato stamps is a lot more fun, creative and your child will end up with beautiful, personalized bookcovers. Give this bookcover craft a try before school starts this year.

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You’ll Need

* Brown Packing Paper
* Potatoes
* Pencil or Pen
* Sharp Knife
* Paint
* Paint Brush


Before you start, cover your work area with old newspapers and have your kids wear an old oversized shirt, or a craft apron to protect their clothing.

Cut the potatoes in half, then use a pencil or pen to draw on a simple design (like a star, a heart etc). Cut a layer of potato around the design off, leaving the design part intact. If you drew a star, you should now have a raised star sticking out of the rest of the potato. This is your stamp.

Have the kids either dip the potato stamps in paint, or use a paintbrush to add the paint to the stamp area of the potato.

Now it’s time to stamp away. After the paint dries, use the stamped packing paper to wrap the schoolbooks in.
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