Valentine’s Day Construction Paper Crafts

Kids love to create crafts and Valentine’s Day is no exception.  Construction paper is a useful tool for making Valentine’s Day crafts that kids will enjoy creating and family members will enjoy receiving.

Start with a pad of construction paper.  Make sure that you have a pad of white sheets, red sheets, and multicolored paper.  The local office supply or craft store should have just what you need for the job.

The obvious first project is paper hearts.  Kids can use safety scissors to cut out heart tracings.  They can draw big and small hearts out of red and white sheets of construction paper.  What I like to call alligator teeth scissors can be used to cut out some of the hearts and give them a unique edged design.

Red, white, and pink are the usual colors of Valentine’s Day but don’t object if the kids want to use other colors as well.  They are being creative and creativity should be encouraged.  A purple or green heart will be made with just as much love as a red one.

Kids can use large stencils to make letters that spell out Happy Valentine’s Day.  Each letter is made out of construction paper and can be any color that the kids wish it to be.  When they are done cutting out the letters they can glue them to a string of yarn and make a banner.  Add a little glitter or stickers to make the letters stand out even more.  You can display their handiwork in a doorway or on the living room wall.

What else can kids use construction paper for?  They can decorate other items for Valentine’s Day.  Adding a few tiny pieces of red or pink construction paper to a vase or picture frame can turn it into a special gift with a love theme.

Construction paper along with some love stamps can create feel-good buttons for the entire family to wear for Valentine’s Day.  The kids can stamp to their hearts content and then cut out shapes around the designs to give to family and classmates.  A piece of rolled tape or a small safety pin can fix the “love button” to any shirt or jacket.

Construction paper doesn’t cost much and it is a wonderful way for kids to have fun at Valentine’s Day.  With simple items found around the house like construction paper, crayons, markers and scissors, crafts are easy to make at a moment’s notice.


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