Valentine Craft And Game

This cute Valentine craft makes a cute card and is also a tic-tac-toe game. It is fun and very inexpensive to make.

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You’ll Need

* Red construction paper
* Laminating sheets
* Small candy bags
* Candy hearts
* Markers
* Scissors
* Hole punch
* Pink ribbon


Cut a large heart out of the construction paper. Write this little poem on one side of the Valentine’s Heart:

Just wanted you to know,
I love you so!

Then sign below the poem.

Draw a tic-tac-toe grid (3 rows and 3 columns) like the one in the picture above on the other side of the heart (don’t draw the x’s and o’s). Laminate the card.

Put 6 candy hearts (three of one color, three of another color) in the candy bag and staple or tape it shut.

Using the whole punch, punch a whole in a corner of the heart and the candy bag. Use the ribbon to tie the candy bag and the tic-tac-toe card together.

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