Valentine Card Craft

Making this Valentine Card Craft with your child is a lot of fun. Make just one card, or a whole bunch for your child to give to classmates and friends. Making the Valentine’s Day cards is a lot more fun than buying a box of cards at the store. Plus you get to spend some quality time making these crafts with your child.

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You’ll Need

* Construction Paper
* Markers
* Scissors
* Magazines (Valentine Themed)


Find dome magazines that have Valentine items in them including hearts, roses, pink cupcakes etc. Take a look at the shopping inserts that you get this time of the year. Many of them have plenty of Valentine’s Day “stuff” you and your child can cut out.

Cut out as many valentine items as you can find and lay them out at the table in front of you.

Fold a piece of construction paper in half to form the card. Now let your child make a collage of the items you cut out on the card. Glue them in place and decorate even further with markers.

Use the markers to write a Valentine message on the inside of the card.

Tip - you can also pick up some inexpensive Valentine’s stickers to further decorate the cards.

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