Vacation Memory Box

Preserve your vacation memories with this fun memory box.

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You’ll Need

* Empty cigar box, or other small box with a lid
* Glue
* Paint or markers
* Glitter, stickers etc
* Mementos from your vacation.


Decorate the outside of the box. You may want to put your name, the year and where the vacation took place on the outside as well. You can use stickers, postcards, brochures etc. to make a collage on the outside.

Arrange your mementos inside the box. You can use pictures, postcards, seashells, small trinkets, ticket stubs, vials of sand, rocks, dried flowers, restaurant menus, etc.

Glue the mementos in place. You’ll have a great keepsake for years to come.

You can also make a box for a particular school-year by putting awards, ribbons, reports, papers, craft projects etc in it.

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