Uses Of Scrapbooking Eyelets

The Many Uses of Scrapbooking Eyelets

When you are scrapbooking, you will find so many uses for the scrapbooking eyelets. You will want to have them in every color of the rainbow just so that you will not miss the opportunity to use one on every page. They are very cute little additions to any scrapbooking layout and you ill love adding them to all of your pages. The many ideas that you can get while you are scrapbooking is very overwhelming. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in a day to get everything all scrapped up that you wanted to for the day. When you are using eyelets, you can come up with so many more ideas that you can put into your pages and your layouts.

Scrapbooking eyelets are really cute when they are used to hold a pocket in place. If you are not using pockets in your layouts, you really should try. You can then make a journaling card from coordinating cardstock to slide into the pocket as well. Many layouts have designs that will use pockets and you are sure to find other uses for them as well. When you have the eyelets to attach the pocket to the page, you are adding cute little dimensions into the page, where you would not have them before.

You will also find that you can use scrapbooking eyelets to form words on pages. If you watch the scrapbooking show on the DIY channel, you will see them come up with many ideas such as this day after day. Lining up the eyelets in ways that make words is a really cute idea. Of course you will be using a lot of eyelets to make a single word, but you can use stickers and other things as well. The sky is the limit.

You will find that scrapbooking eyelets are sold with the other scrapbooking supplies that we are all familiar with. You should find them in the craft section of your favorite craft store, and they may even be on the same aisle as the scrapbooking things as well. You can choose your paper, die cuts, stickers, card stock, and then make sure that you have color coordinating eyelets that will go with everything else.

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