Toy Review – Little People School Bus

Little People School Bus

I remember having one of these as well as a little school building as a child. It is great watching my daughter enjoy her school bus as much as my sister and I did as kids. She loves pretending to drive her little people to school and it is funny watching her make the little figures interact. This toy really sparks her imagination and it gives me a fun glimpse into how she sees the world around her.

From the Manufacturer
Children will love exploring what happens when they press down on Carlos’ the bus driver or Michael or Maggie in the driver’s seat: lights, sounds, speech, even the tunes “Wheels on the Bus” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It!” And as they get closer to school age, Beeps the Bus will help them imagine what it’s like to ride a real one! The fold-out stop sign adds to the fun and a rear ramp helps a child in a wheelchair off to school.

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Little People School Bus


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