Three Little Pigs Craft

Read the story of the three little pigs craft. Then let your child relive the story with this three little pigs craft.

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You’ll Need

* 3 single serving milk-cartons (clean)
* Construction Paper
* Small Twigs
* Spaghetti (uncooked)
* Glue
* Scissors
* Marker


Your child will recreate each of the three houses of the little pigs. Start by cutting a door into each of the milk cartons. Glue spaghetti all over the first house to make it look like a straw house. Repeat with the twigs for the second house. Cover the third house in red construction paper and outline small squares with a black marker to make it look like red bricks.

You can cut out three pig shapes and a wolf from construction paper or use little plastic animals to let your child reenact the story.

Alternatively you could draw a simple house shape each on 3 pieces of paper and let your child glue the spaghetti, twigs and construction paper bricks on it.

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