The Meaning Of Easter?

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We all celebrate Easter, decorate eggs and tell our children about the Easter bunny. Do you know the story behind the symbolism? Yes, Easter has it’s roots in Christianity, but there is a deeper, overall message here that transcends religion. It’s a message of hope that you can share with your children this Easter.

Mommy…Daddy…why does the Easter Bunny bring us candy?

When Santa comes to town, the underlying lesson of doing something for someone else, with no expectations of anything in return, is understood. I mean, teaching our children the meaning of Christmas, on a level they can understand, is not always easy. But, most of us know the point we are trying to get across to them. But what about Easter? What are you teaching your children and why?

As a parent of young children I have had to recently address this very topic. Daddy, why does the Easter Bunny bring us candy? Hmmm… my initial answer, “I’m going to have to get back to you on this one.” So let’s take a look at that question. Yep, kids do keep you on your toes.

According to, the most recent census shows that 82% of all U.S. citizens claim to be Christian. This percentage is even higher in many other major countries around the world. The heart of the Christian philosophy is the remembrance of Christ’s resurrection and the promise of his everlasting presence. And, Easter is the time for remembering a completely selfless unspoken bond, between us all, strong enough to withstand an endurance of such pain, suffering and ultimately death, so that all could be forgiven.

But regardless of your religious preference, Easter can mean so many things. It’s the beginning of Spring, a time to witness re-birth all around us from the grass below our feet to the birds that fly way above our heads. However, I believe there is one overwhelming gift that Easter brings us all. One concept that surrounds the Easter season above all others… that gift is HOPE.

Why hope? What is it? Arnold H. Glasow said that the most popular form of hope is expecting something for nothing. Perhaps, but that use of the word is somewhat slang. Hope is a gift given to each one of us. It’s the possibility of triumph over transgression. It’s the strength in knowing that even sometimes, under the most unfavorable odds, you can accomplish any dream. It’s the serenity in knowing that at the end of any long dark tunnel is an opening to a whole new beginning. Come to think of it, it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Hope is such a powerful asset. We hope for ourselves, our families, our children, our friends and neighbors, just about everyone we meet. From my little girl watching an Olympic ice skater hoping that someday that will be her, to my neighbor hoping he gets the promotion he’s been waiting for, hope is what makes all our dreams seem possible.

Easter signifies to the Christian community the resurrection of Christ and the origination of hope by every sense of the word. And Easter also marks the beginning of Spring when nature re-creates life giving all things a natural sense of hope’s very existence. Easter is a time to reflect on the gift of hope that we all have been given. And think of the the Easter Bunny as an extension of this reflection on a level which our children can somewhat understand.

So back to our original question, “Daddy, why does the Easter Bunny bring me candy?” My answer, “Well, for now, just know that it is a very special time for all of us and the Easter Bunny just wants to make sure it truly is for you too and that you are not left out. Hope is a gift to all who choose to accept it. I hope you understand…”

Mark Bulleit, resident of Santa Claus, Indiana, mails thousands of personalized letters from Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny to children world-wide every year through his Easter Bunny Letters web site at

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