The Harry Potter Craze Continues -

Surprise Your Child with a Harry Potter Book Party

by Susanne Myers

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The Harry Potter craze is once again sweeping the country with the release of the newest installment of the 7-book saga about the young wizard. Surprise your avid little reader with a Harry Potter Party.

Invite some of his friends to an afternoon get-together at Hogwart’s to discuss anything and everything Potter. You can write the invitations on some homemade parchment paper. Prepare some name badges with the colors and names of the four different houses at Hogwart:

Griffindor – maroon and gold

Slytherin – green and silver

Hufflepuff – black and yellow

Ravenclaw – light blue and silver

If you have just a few kids over, you may want to use just Griffindor and Slytherin.

Decorate 4 (or 2) small tables in the house colors. Serve some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beens Beans (jellybeans). You can easily make some small cauldrons to serve them in by gluing 3 small wooden beads on the bottom half of a Kool-Aid Container and painting the cauldron silver or black. Use some Harry Potter cups and paper plates.

Turn an old hat into a sorting hat, or make your own out of a brown paper bag. When the kids first arrive, sort them into the different houses and hand them a badge for their particular house.

Give them some time to discuss the books among themselves. Let them know that a quiz will follow in a little while. Ask the different houses to answer some questions about the books. Each correct answer is worth one point for that particular house. Here are a few questions to get you started:

What is the name of the Wizard Prison? – Azkaban

What kind of letter did Ron get after he and Harry crashed into the Whomping Willow? – A Howler

What is the color of the dog that Sirius turns into? – Black

What is the color of Alabastor Moody’s magic eye – Blue

Who is the only ghost teacher at Hogwart? – Professor Bin

What subject does he teach? – History of Magic

You can find lots of information to come up with more questions of your own at

Try a few of the questions out on your child a few days before the party. If he is having a hard time answering them, consider turning the questions into multiple choice questions.

Everybody will be ready for a treat after all this hard work. Invite them to make their own magic wands using the recipe below.

Edible Magic Wands:


* 1 Bag of Pretzel Rods
* 1 6-8 oz pack of white chocolate chips
* Wax paper
* Sprinkles or colored crystal sugar


In a microwave or heavy saucepan, melt white chocolate chips, stir until smooth. Dip the pretzel rods into the melted chocolate to coat about 1 inch in the white chocolate. Let the excess chocolate drip off. Place the rods on the wax paper and sprinkle with sprinkles or crystal sugar before the chocolate cools. Cool until the white chocolate is firm, about 45 min to an hour depending on how thick the coating is.

Encourage some more discussion about the books by asking who their favorite characters in the books are, and why they like them.

Compare how Harry in the first book to Harry in the latest edition and ask them what changes they have notices. Does he seem more grown-up and responsible now? What do they think Harry will do once he graduates from Hogward? What profession will he choose?

If you feel up to a longer party, watch one of the Harry Potter movies with them and encourage discussion about how the movie differs from the book.

This fun party is sure to inspire even the most reluctant reader to pick up one of the books and start reading. How could they resist something so fun?


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