The Age To Start Potty Training

Most parents are wondering if their child is at the age to start potty training. Here you will find some suggestions and advice on what the right age to start potty training is.

Some very lucky parents find their child easily potty trains without many issues. Other parents aren’t so lucky. Some will try for months without result or just as they are making progress the child seems to regress.

It’s not easy trying to decide what the right age for potty training your child is, The recommended age by many pediatricians is somewhere between 18 months to 36 months.

However, this doesn’t mean that as soon as your child turns 18 months you have to rush out and buy a potty. This is just a guideline and you should use your own judgment as to what age is best for your child to start, after all you know your child best.

Here are a few signs that may show your child is ready to start potty training:

She starts bending down or squats when she needs to go.

He goes to a more private place when he feels the need to go.

She starts showing an interest in your toilet habits by looking or asking what you’re doing.

He feels uneasy when his diaper is wet or filled and show relieve when you clean him.

She shows awareness of what she’s doing or will actually tell you when she’s going.

He understands basic instructions and interacts and responds to questions.
If your child is showing some of the signs above, it may mean she’s ready to start potty training. There are times though when a child will show the signs and still not want to sit on the potty. If your child refuses to sit down or wear big boy underpants then it may be best to wait a little longer.

Some children may show signs of being ready mentally or emotionally but physically their body may not be ready. They may just not be able to hold it for very long and this will lead to many accidents.

In cases like this, rather than struggle to potty train your child it may just be best to wait. When a child is fully ready for training they should respond well and train in a fairly short amount of time. When children take a little longer than expected it may be because they started training too early.

Ultimately the decision lies in your hands and you know your child best. You can always give it a try and see how your child reacts or you can buy a potty and put it out so your child can start getting familiar with it.

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