Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft For Kids

Who hasn’t drawn a handprint turkey as a kid? You know trace your spread out hand and then turn the thumb into the turkeys head and the rest of your fingers become the turkey’s tail feathers? Now we take it a step further making a turkey collage from your child’s hand and foot prints.

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You’ll Need

* Construction paper in various fall colors
* Scissors
* Glue


Trace your child’s feet (while she’s wearing shoes)onto brown or black construction paper and cut them out. Trace your child’s hands on various other colors of construction paper. The “feet” will become the turkey’s body and the handprints his tail feathers. Cut out all the pieces you just traced. Use the image above as a guide on how to assemble your turkey. Cut eyes, a beak and a waddle out of remnants of construction paper and glue them on your turkey.

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