Spoiling Young Children – Here’s How To Avoid It

Are you worried about spoiling your young children? It’s easy to do with all the toys and activities available to kids these days. Here are some tips on how to avoid spoiling children.

When we were children, most of us grew up without the kind of extravagant things that seem normal for children to have today. More importantly, we were happy just the same. Just take a look at the young celebrities of today, most are role models to swarms of teenagers, and it becomes very clear that these kids had little to no constructive home life; instead they were spoiled young children and handed everything they could ever want. Is it even possible to raise happy children today without handing them over everything they thing they need? The answer is an unequivocal yes.

Take a look inside any school and you will find kids toting expensive cell phones; the coolest ipod; the latest footwear and clothing; as well as the newest and most popular electronics you can find. What does this say about how we raise our children? What are they missing in exchange for these expensive material items?

Our children’s role models are relegated to celebrities whose lives are often filled with drugs, all night parties, arrests, and visits to rehabilitation centers. If you look into the background of any of these people, you’ll find something common about how they were raised. Even if they say they are happy, it is very obvious that it isn’t the case.

What parent isn’t concerned about raising happy children? Also, giving them everything in the world isn’t a consideration. By spoiling children we are actually robbing them of something we thought we could just pay for and hand over with the latest and greatest gadget. By giving a child everything they desire is to deprive them of experiencing the ups and down of life; and prevents them from working hard to find their niche in life.

There is an old saying, “if you don’t expect it, you’ll never be disappointed.” If children get everything they ever wanted, how can they learn that in life you don’t always get everything you want or try? They will never appreciate the simple things and achievements, but be on a constant search for things that are unattainable.

The bottom line is that it starts at home with the values, morals, support and encouragement that the parents offer to the child. When parents show a child unconditional love and not unconditional stuff then the child will start to see that they can have everything they want and will realize the things that are of the most value can’t be bought.

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