Sometimes It’s Ok For Your Child To Be Bored

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Are you worried about keeping your child entertained and challenged? It may not be such a bad idea for your child to be bored sometimes. If we are constantly finding playdates and entertainment for our kids, they don’t learn to come up with ideas and games of their own.

Being bored starts a problem solving process that your child needs to learn. When she sits around bored, she will eventually open herself up to possibilities that she otherwise would not have come up with. In other words, she will start to use her imagination.

This is the time when a box of blocks is magically transformed into an enchanted castle or an indestructible fort. A simple stuffed animal or doll suddenly comes to live much more than any interactive top-of -the-line toy could. Your child will have to use her imagination to make simple toys and things fun and that’s a good skill to have.

Not only does it make your life a lot easier when you don’t have to come up with more activities, and new exciting toys, it is also important for your child’s independence, and it will help her develop important problem solving skills.

This “downtime” also gives your child a chance to stop and think about previous events, or just mull things over. After allowing her to just be bored for a while, she’ll soon be ready for some fun activities and best of all will come up with them all on her own.

Our role as parents shouldn’t be that of a cruise director who makes sure our kids are constantly busy, entertained and challenged. Sure your child will be complaining about being bored at first when she is used to constant entertainment and stimulation, but soon enough she’ll start using her imagination, or even just enjoy not having anything in particular to do.


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