Seven Extraordinary Reasons To Be Thankful

by Dar Arechederra

Ah, so many reasons to be thankful, today and throughout the year! How many reasons can you find? I hope they’re too numerous to count. This *potpourri* of thanks touches only the surface, but you may find yourself nodding in agreement. Enjoy!

1. Having Elderly Persons in Our Lives

Throughout a lifetime, an elderly person has most likely been a child, a sibling, a spouse, a parent. Let’s not forget grandparent and great-grandparent.

And, the stories they have tucked away behind that twinkle in their tired eyes! They carry within them the emotions and memories of their lives as they unfolded. They truly have been there, done that.

2. Enjoying the Animal Kingdom

Animals teach us about life, as well as the end of life. From them, we learn about about responsibility while we are still young.

Perhaps best of all, animals teach us about unconditional love. They even comfort us when we’re sick or feeling down. A cold, wet nudge of the nose is often all it takes to set us back on course.

3. Looking Ahead to the Next Challenge

Without an occasional bad day, how could we appreciate the good? We’d have nothing to compare it to. Even feeling poorly for a single day can cause us to appreciate feeling well! We face various challenges as we travel through life. Some not so bad; others quite energy draining. Enduring, even.

But, challenges are the crafters of our character. They mold us into what we will become. Challenges contribute to that inner strength we sometimes call upon to keep us going. They teach us endurance, strengthening us for that next challenge. And, without a doubt, there’ll be another.

4. Being Around Children

How vibrant children are! Consumed with curiosity. Full of energy! Willing to attempt the seemingly impossible.

Children allow us to remember the joyous and carefree days of our youth. They carry with them a refreshing honesty. Children have an innate sweetness that cannot be disguised (nor duplicated!) They keep us honest and alert.

5. Appreciating Nature

Even a tree stripped of its leaves in winter is a beauty to behold. Its naked limbs will gladly support a winter’s snow. In only a short while, it will usher in the new spring. Another delightful assortment to behold!

Nature represents the beauty and constancy of change. How boring life would be without change to carry us into a new season and landscape.

6. Spending Time with Friends, Family and Loved Ones

These gems are the backbone of our society. It’s difficult to imagine life without them. They’re as necessary to us as the air we breathe.

Whether they’re a continent away or a block down the street, they’re in our hearts. Friends, family and loved ones make the world go round.

7. Embracing Technology, Even When It Has an Attitude

Technology has made our lives easier. No need to travel across the ocean to hear a loved one’s voice. We simply input a few numbers, and presto, we’re greeting our friends and family. Not to mention, some are now only an email away!

Technology can seem our worst enemy. We come to depend on it. And just when we need it the most, it gets an attitude. It gets sensitive, goes berserk, and frustrates our attempts to use it. Yet, where would we be without technology?

It’s Thanksgiving, a time to share your reasons for being thankful. Enjoy your time with those you love. May you be surrounded in warmth, caring and peace during this season and throughout the year.

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