Seashell Arts and Crafts

Your family had a great time collecting seashells at the beach. Now use them for some fun seashell arts and crafts.

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You’ll Need

* Seashells
* Wooden Frame
* Hot Glue Gun (parents only)
* Black Chenille Stem
* Wiggly Eyes
* Glue
* Blunt Needle
* String


Seashell Frame:

Arrange the seashells in a pretty pattern on the picture frame. Have an adult glue them in place with a glue gun. After the glue has set, display your favorite beach picture in the frame.

Seashell Butterfly:

You’ll need an attached sets of clamshells for this craft. If you don’t have one, use two matching shells and glue them together. Fold the chenille stem in half and twist the bottom half together to form the body of the butterfly. Glue it between the seashells and glue on the wiggly eyes.

Seashell Necklace:

Use shells that already have a small hole in the top, or gently push one in with the blunt needle – careful, they break easily. Thread the needle with some string and thread the seashells through it to make the necklace.

You may also enjoy making these seashell tea candles.

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One Response to “Seashell Arts and Crafts”

  1. Elizabeth on August 22nd, 2008 4:37 pm

    Great ideas! I’m always looking for crafts including seashells.