Sea Shell Tea Candles

Create your own sea shell tea candles! Parents, you will have to help your kids with this one.

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You’ll Need

* 3 seashells, at least large enough to contain the wax from a tea candle
* 3 tea candles


Remove the wax candles from the metal holders of three tea candles. Turn the candles over and remove the metal wick holder and wicks.

Place the wicks in the center of three seashells, turned upside down.

Melt the wax (see below) from one tea candle and pour into one of the seashells, leaving the wick upright in the center. Repeat for the other two seashell tea candles.

Let the candles cool, then arrange on a plate or other fireproof surface. Make sure that each seashell candle will stand upright while burning, without any danger of tipping over and spilling hot wax. You could use other shells to surround and stabilize the seashell candles or partially embed the seashell candles in a pretty dish filled with sand.

Melting Wax – Safety Notes: Melting candle wax can be dangerous. You can safely melt candle wax over a double boiler. I have also melted some of my tea candles in a small metal container placed on a marble potpourri oil burner, over another lit tea candle. Another method that I have seen described is to microwave each tea candle at high power for 8 minutes, in a microwave-safe and heat proof container. However, I have not tried this and it may not be safe for your microwave.

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One Response to “Sea Shell Tea Candles”

  1. Wax Beads on August 22nd, 2008 7:57 am

    Those sea shell tea candles look really good and make a perfect activity to do with kids. Alternatively you could use wax beads which come in a variety of colours and scents.