Scrapbook Storage Solutions – Stackable!

The Many Types of Scrapbooking Storage Solutions You Can Use

Any scrapbooker is faced with the dilemma of scrapbooking storage. Many scrappers even have a whole room set a side in their home only for scrapbooking. While some of us are not so luck to have a scrapping room, we have to come up with more unique solutions for storing our scrapbooking supplies. If you own a piece of furniture that was designed and made for scrapbooking, you are going to find that this will come in handy when you are looking for more storage for your things.

While not everyone own a scrappers desk, or even has a scrapbooking room, you will find that you can use other things for scrapbooking storage. Maybe you have an extra dresser with drawers that you can store you scrapping supplies in. This would be a great idea, you can put all of your papers in one drawer, stamps in another drawer, and maybe even have a sticker or die cut drawer as well. There are many possibilities when you take other pieces of furniture in consideration for storage solutions.

Another great scrapbooking storage solution would be to take an older jewelry armoire, and use the drawers to hold your many papers, stamps, and markers that you use only for the hobby of scrapping, then on the sides that open up where you are supposed to hang your necklaces, you will find that the many sticker packages you have and die cut packs will all hang nicely there and be where you can find them when you need to get to them.
As you can see, scrapbooking storage is not something that you should worry about. If you do not have room for any of the things above, you can always use a big tub with a lid to make sure that your precious scrapbooking things are well taken care of and stored out of the way. This way everything will be all together, and you will love scrapping when you are organized. You can then just pull out the tub and stamp and scrap to your hearts content. This a great storage solution for other crafts as well. The lid will help keep your things from getting dusty when they are not in use.

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