Rely On Your Maternal Instinct

Maternal instinct isn’t a myth. Use it to guide you through tough situations,
and choices you will have to make as a parent. You were born to be a good
mom, just listen to your maternal instinct.

Most moms have a strong maternal instinct that goes beyond what others can tell them. It starts with the birth of the child or even at times before that, it’s immediate, and instantly the mother can predict the baby’s every need. While there are some people who may never be ready or have the ability to be a parent in this manner, most people do however. On of the most important skills you will have as a parent is to have the confidence in your own instincts and abilities.

Long before Dr. Spock, whether confident or not, parenting skills were instinctual. Moms could try by the cry of their baby, exactly what was needed. There weren’t any instructions, books or handy videos on how to be a good parent. One thing that’s always existed has been family and friends and the support they provide to mom when she feels like there is something beyond her capabilities in a certain situation.

There are so many tools and self-help things available to parents today. Is this really necessary? It might just be that because parents are overloaded with information they could feel a lack of confidence because they are trying to digest and apply all this information. Where a mom would once rely on her own instincts, she now feels the need to go through a book or too before she knows what to do. In addition, the advice given is sometimes conflicting and confusing, which frustrates the parents even more. There are so many decisions to be made, and faced with that and the piles of information, parents feel the pressure and become indecisive and frustrated.

Things do have to happen this way. If moms can just go back to trusting their own maternal instincts, they’ll never feel this type of frustration when faced with a decision. Throw away the books; learn to be flexible, and try other methods and approaches when parenting. While it may feel like you are alone in this, you’re not. Many family members and professionals will be there to help you in any case. Relax.
Don’t take things too seriously. Enjoy being a parent; yes you’ll make mistakes, but what you learn from them will be invaluable. Whether you believe it or not, you do have the confidence to follow your own parenting instincts; that’s all you’ll ever need.

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