Preschool Chick Craft

This cute little baby chicken activity is just write for your young child. It’s quick and easy to make and your toddler or preschooler will love how cute it turns out.

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You’ll Need

* egg carton
* two yellow cotton balls
* orange construction paper
* two small wiggly eyes
* glue


Cut one egg cup out of the egg carton holder for your child. Let her glue both cotton balls into the cup – one on top of the other. Cut or tear a small beak out of the orange construction paper and help your child glue it on as a beak. Finish the baby chick by gluing the wiggly eyes on.

For Easter you and your child can make a few of these little chicks and set them in a basket of green Easter grass. Or make this cute Easter basket and set your little chick in it.

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