Potty Training Tools

Here are a few tips and potty training tools that will make going to the potty more fun for your child.

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You will also have to start to develop your plan for the training process. There are several different opinions of how to potty train. However, it is important that you choose your method to make sure that it is the method that is most effective for you, your child and your family. There is the potty train in less than a day method that Dr. Phil offers. This can work well but it is very intense and can be overwhelming for parents who are young or for those who do not have the right patience. You have to think of your personality as well as your child’s, and then choose your method. Here are some great tips to making potty training your child much more fun and exciting:

1. Blue & Yellow Make Green method: if you put a few drops of blue food coloring in the toilet water and show your child that the color will turn green when he or she pees in the potty. This method works on many children and can be used with others.

2. Toilet Target Practice: with this method you get to buy or make toilet targets to teach your child to aim. Many parents use cheerios cereal.

3. Musical Potty Chair: Musical potty chairs, such as the Tinkle Toonz, play a song tune when your child uses the potty which can be a blast.

4. Potty Training Doll: these are anatomically correct drink & wet dolls, such as the Aquini dolls, which can be used to help make toilet training fun and easy by demonstration. This method is recommended by Dr. Phil if this is of any interest to you.

5. Potty Training Watch: you can easily make potty time reminders fun and exciting when you use the VibraLite toilet training watch. The VibraLite watch, which comes in two different colors, can be set to vibrate every 30 minutes as a very entertaining way to remind your child that it’s potty time!

6. Books, Videos, & DVDs: you can find things like toilet training bedtime stories, videos and DVDs which are a fun and educational way to introduce toilet training to your child.

7. Charts & Stickers: this toilet training method with charts and stickers are great motivational tools that many children love. You can start this method by giving stickers for sitting on the potty and every other step he does correctly. After a while, give stickers only when your child uses the potty. Finally, you can slow it down by giving a small toy as a reward for 3 accident free days.

8. Toilet Training Pants: toilet training pants and liners come in many different and fantastic colors. You have to let your child choose the color of training pants or underwear to wear if you want him to be behind this method.

9. Phone Call From their favorite Superhero: you can choose to offer a reward to your child for using the potty with a phone call from his or her favorite superhero or idol. You can get your friends or neighbors to play the part.

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