Potty Training At Night

After your child has mastered the potty during the day time, it is time to move on to potty training at night.

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Once your child has the daytime potty training routine down, it’s time to start working towards staying dry during the night. This is a process that can happen quickly for some children and more slowly for others. Don’t worry and don’t push them if it is hard at first because that is a common problem. Chances are that everyone in the family has been working hard at potty training with your child, so it may be a good idea to take a break at night.

At first, it helps for you to put your child in a diaper or pull-up for the night-time so that there will not be any wet sheets in the morning. You will have to be sure to encourage them that they are doing great staying dry during the day and that you are so proud of them and not to mention that they should not be self conscious of wearing them. You will want to reassure them that it’s okay to wear a diaper or pull-up at night. If your child is having difficulty staying dry at night you can try to follow these tips:

* Limit the amount of fluid intake that your child has after 6:00 p.m.
* Have them go potty just before going to bed at night.
* Wake them up when you go to bed and have them go potty again. Your child might be very tired but you can help them into the bathroom anyway. Sometimes, just a few weeks of doing this will be the thing that gets your child on the road to success, and they’ll start getting through the whole night dry.

Sometimes if your potty-training child is having nightmares, it can be a sign that they need to go potty. One of our children, who had been having a hard time staying dry through the night dry, came walking in, crying about the big fish that was after him. My husband said “Go to the bathroom and then come back and talk with us.” He did and then just went back to bed. The bad dream was gone because he had taken care of the problem. We had a good laugh in the morning.

For some children, night-time training may take months, and in some cases even years to master. Sometimes children can be 8-10 years old and still be having the same problems but they didn’t condemn him for it, rather they chose to love him through it, and the problem resolved itself. The key to helping your child to potty train is standing with your child through the training process. You do not want to make your child feel bad if he wets the bed. When you walk through the steps and just keep moving ahead. Have him help you change the bed, carry the linen to the laundry room and put it in the washer.

This is a great way for you to let your child know what it is like to do the laundry, Also have him help you put new sheets on so he learns how to make the bed. You may need to use some protection for your mattresses for a while like plastic covers or rubber mats. Eventually, he will get the hang of it. You should not hesitate to consult your child’s doctor for advice and support if you think there may be a physical problem that is the cause. Otherwise, the best method of helping to ease nighttime training is to be positive.

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