Plastic Drink Bottle Fish Craft

These colorful fish make a great decoration for a kid’s room or even the porch or backyard. Make this plastic drink bottle fish craft with your kids and keep them or give them away as a cute gift.

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You’ll Need

* Plastic Drink Bottle
* Scissors
* Paint
* Paintbrush
* Staples
* Glue
* String and Needle (optional)


Cut the bottom off any size plastic drink bottle. Don’t toss it – use it later to cut out fin shapes.

Paint some eyes on the inside of the bottle toward the top. Allow the paint to dry, then paint the inside of the fish in any color or colors you’d like.

After the paint is dry, fold the bottom half of the fish shape flat together, then use scissors to cut this area into a back fin shape. This could be either a triangular shape or a “W” shape. Use staples to keep the tail together. Just staple it in a few spots.

Use the bottom part you cut off in the beginning and cut two side fins out of it. Paint them if you’d like and glue them to each side of the fish.

If you would like to hang the fish up, use a needle and some thread or string an thread it through the top of the fish.

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