Pirate Crafts For Kids

Do Your kids love playing pirates? Why not spend a full day of making these pirate crafts for kids. I don’t know if kids have more fun making the crafts, or playing pirate with them afterwards.

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You’ll Need

* Empty Shoe Box
* Wrapping paper
* Glue
* Newspaper
* Paint
* Markers
* Empty Paper Towel Roll
* Treasure


We will be making a few of the pirate essentials including a treasure chest, a telescope and a pirate hat.

For the treasure chest, wrap both the box and the lid of an old shoe box in wrapping paper. You can also use leftover wallpaper. Simple glue it on each side of the box and trim the excess. Fill the treasure chest with tissue paper and some treasure (gold coins, plastic jewelry etc.)

Use a sheet of newspaper and turn it into a pirate hat. Start with a large sheet of paper and fold it in half from top to bottom. Fold it in half again, this time from side to side.

Open the second fold and fold each corner toward the middle crease, creating a triangle.

Fold the bottom up on each site, fold the corner in and secure in place. You know have your basic paper hat. Use black and white paint to turn it into a pirate hat. We like to paint the entire hat black, let it dry and then draw a white skull and bones on each side.

For the telescope, simply paint it black and gold, or any color your child prefers.

How it’s time to play pirate.

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