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In the days when our parents started raising us, they didn’t have the parenting skills material like the books and manuals out now on how to raise a happy child. They made it up as they went along, made their own mistakes, but most often did a great job. There is so much information out there telling parents how to raise their children sometimes its just information overload. It’s often confusing and many times you can find information that is at completely different ends of the spectrum. When it comes down to it, parents don’t need a manual. Just do it!

As a parent our jobs at times can be both frightening and overwhelming. As soon as the new baby arrives into it’s parents lives, they are obsessed over every little cry, cough or night without sleep. It is completely natural, but not really necessary. A great step in the right direction is to have confidence in your ability to care for your child. A positive attitude follows. A child can sense when you are fearful and apprehensive. So it is always important to remain calm and not to make your parenting task seem out of proportion to the demands placed on you. If you don’t think you can do it, you want be able to be the best parent you can be.

You can find advice on TV shows, magazines, books and everywhere in between, just ignore it. Trust your instinct as a mom that you will do the best for your child, that’s all you need. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, everyone does, just learn from it and move on. Family and friends are there for you, use them as your support group. Don’t think negative thoughts or even that you’re the only one going through this type of thing. Children are much more resilient than you think.

While your parents may have handled situations one way, you have the opportunity to create new methods for dealing with specific issues. Don’t be afraid to try. There isn’t any advice in any parenting skill material out there that can override your own instinctual feelings. Rely on them; trust them, and you’ll be just fine. Parenting is a learning process you need to experience on a daily basis. Your strength will guide you into becoming a wonderful parent. Listen to your inner voice; it’s all you need.


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