Paper Plate Mask

Paper plate masks are easy to make and allow your child to express his creativity, not only making the paper plate mask, but also using it to act as someone else afterward. After reading a book or watching a movie together, encourage your child to make masks of the different characters and recreate some of the scenes from the story.

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You’ll Need

* Paper Plates
* Construction paper
* Scissors
* Markers
* String
* Glue


Cut two circles out of the paper plate for your eyes. Decorate the paper plate with markers or crayons. Cut shapes out of construction paper for ears, nose or trunk etc. Using the scissors or a hole punch, make two small wholes in the sides of the plate. Attach string to each side of the plate by pulling it trough and making a knot. Use the string to tie the mask to your face.

You can also use stickers, scraps of fabric, feathers etc. to decorate the mask. You can make any kind of animal, a clown etc. Just be creative and have fun with it.

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