Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft

This simple Easter bunny craft is perfect for your preschooler. All you need are some paper plates and basic crafting supplies.

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You’ll Need

* large paper plate
* small paper plate
* pink construction paper
* pipe cleaners or yarn
* crayons
* scissors
* glue
Easter Bunny


Glue the small paper plate on top of the large paper plate to form the bunny’s body and head. Cut two bunny ears out of the pink construction paper and glue them to the head. Use markers to draw the bunny’s eyes, nose and mouth. Glue on some pipe cleaners and yarn for whiskers.

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One Response to “Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft”

  1. S. A. Gates on March 19th, 2009 4:54 pm

    Using two paper plates cut one in half to use as ears, decorate the ‘EARS” with coloured paper or colour them with crayons etc. Glue the ears to the other plate and make whiskers from pipe cleaners and a pom pom nose add googley eyes and presto the Easter bunny. You could also add a third plate cut in half to glue to the back of the head to make a gift container .