New Grandma and & Grandpa? We Are Going To be Grandparents

Did you just find out that you are going to be a grandparent? Congratulations! Here are some of the things that may be going through your head right now.
Every parent waits for the day their child gives them the exciting news that a grandchild is on the way. This is a chance to relive their parenting days without the need to parent. They are now free to simply enjoy all the wonderful moments they many have missed or forgotten while raising their family.

Empty nesters go through a dilemma when their children suddenly are gone. Even if the transition has taken many years to complete, suddenly they are alone. It’s time to redefine their life and who they are now. Maybe take up new hobbies they never had time for; reconnect with old friends or even make that big decision to move to a smaller house.

Whatever they are doing and however they are resolving the internal issues, it always comes back to family. Your mind is free to wonder and suddenly you are back in your child’s soccer years; or those hours spent at the ballet studio; or the hours you spent chauffeuring them to all the different activities, or the times you couldn’t make specific events because you had to work..

Then the questions start popping up; did you do enough; were you too busy; did they know how much you loved them back then? And then suddenly, after all the self doubting, living through memories you did not want to relive, you find you are going to become grandparent! Ah…this is why you have had all the memories. It’s time to pass them on to the next generation.

Now is the perfect time to tell your stories to your new grandchild. Search on the Internet, cruise your local book store and invest in a journal that best suits your needs. You’ll find hardbound, quilted, paperback and even software applications you can use on your computer. Some are made especially for recording grandparent memories.

Now all you have to worry about is how much you can fit into the journal before you decide it’s too much. Why not make the decision to create a keepsake journal for each grandchild that arrives so they each have their own grandparent journal? This way, they’ll all know how special they are and how giving you are to have shared your thoughts, feelings and your life stories with them.

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