Mother’s Day Flower Craft

This Mother’s Day, give Mom some flowers she can keep for years to come. Best of all, they will include your pictures.

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You’ll Need

* Construction Paper
* Green Pipe Cleaner
* Small Photos
* Glue
* Scissors
* Terracotta Pot
* Oasis
* Tempura Paint
* Spanish Moss


Paint the tempura pot in your favorite color. Let it dry. Use a paint brush, or your fingers and additional colors of paint to draw small designs on the pot. Cut some oasis to fit inside the clay pot.

Cut round circles and flower petals out of the construction paper. Cut leave shapes out of the green construction paper.

Cut out pictures to fit in the round center piece of your flowers. Glue the picture on the circle, glue the flower petals around it (attaching them to the back of the center circle of your flowers).

Glue the flowers to the green pipe cleaner stems. Do the same with the leave shapes.

Stick the flowers in the oasis, arranging them to make a pretty flower bouquet.

Cover the oasis with Spanish moss.

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