Moon and Stars Craft

Your child will have an easier time falling asleep under this peaceful mobile. Make this moon and stars craft with your little one.

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You’ll Need

* Construction Paper
* Cardboard
* Scissors
* Markers or Crayons
* Yarn or Fishing Line
* Two Sticks


Draw the shape the moon and 3 stars on construction paper. Glue the construction paper (we used yellow and white) on the cardboard and cut out the shapes.

Color and draw on the shapes using crayons or markers. You may want to color the shapes different colors, or draw friendly faces on them.

Lay the sticks on the table so they form a cross. Use some of the yarn to wrap around the center and secure the sticks in that cross position.

Make a small hole at the top of the moon shape and of each of the star shapes. Thread some of the yarn of fishing line through it. Use it to tie the shapes to the sticks to make the mobile.

Use another piece of string to tie around the sticks and hang your mobile from the ceiling.

Safety Tip - Don’t hang anything with strings directly above the bed (especially for a small child). The mobile could fall down and your child could get tangled in the stings at night. Hang it up where your child can see it from the bed, but not directly above it.

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